#13 Ice Cream: 20 Foods That Are Bad For Health

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Ice cream is reportedly to be the best-selling food ever.


It’s not a real food, high in added sugar, additives, and other chemical substances such as food coloring and extracts.


Try your best to eat ice-cream products in moderation. Only select healthy brands that bear approved “healthy labels”.



Ice cream may be delicious, but it’s high in added sugar.


This dairy product is also extremely high in calories and easy to overeat. If you treat it as a dessert, you’re usually piling it beyond that of your normal calorie intake.


Sodas are often complimented with ice creams. More calories have since been added into your diet.


#13 Ice Cream: 20 Foods That Are Bad for Health - Healthaon

Ice cream and soda – ice-cream soda!!

credit – medicalnewstoday.com


Today’s healthy quote, “Treasure your health in this lifetime. There’s no next time, get it??”



Ice cream with soda makes a delicious recipe – ice-cream soda drink.


To make things better, artificial sweeteners are introduced into the food recipe to further enhance taste. In fact, the product produces astronomically high glycemic index (GI) value than other unhealthy foods or any high fat products, meaning that it causes a spike in blood sugar levels very quickly based on (40).



Carbonated beverage (i.e. sodas) is not going to be your friend. Soda can mess up your body structure, from your skin pigmentation, blood sugar levels, hormones, to creating moods. Same with ice creams.


Don’t believe marketing labels stating such drinks fetch good nutrients or vitamins. Bullshit!


A closer look into nutritional labels revealed the truth: Sugar, food dyes, approved colorings, and preservatives. Where are the mentioned benefits in eating ice creams?


To make matter worst, ice cream with soda forms non-natural trans fats that may lead to health repercussions such as risk of kidney failure, heart disease, blood sugar adrenaline, or liver cirrhosis based on (456).



Alternatives to induced-sweetening like sugar-free versions (i.e. stevia) don’t compensate for anything, only to further mess your body up because of harmful artificial sweeteners.


A blender or juice maker will make up for your juices. Surely, missing bubbles could be top up with sparkly waters – voila, your homemade fruit juice is ready to serve heartily and deliciously!


It’s possible to opt for healthier brands or make your own ice cream using fresh fruit and less sugar. Halo ice cream is a good example.


Food alerts

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Healthily written, prettily disseminated …

Natural ice cream or homemade ones can be healthful and beneficial.


Do not mix ice cream together with soda. It’s a disastrous recipe altogether.


Such ingredients influence tooth cavities and decays, halitosis, bad cholesterol, unhealthy fats, and even blood sugar rush according to (456).


Better still if you could completely forgo the chemically induced food industry as a whole.



Tip: See your doctor. Once every 1-3 months: check for potential glucose spikes, healthy cholesterol levels, gum diseases, tooth cavities and decays, chronic health problems etc.

Notice: Go for healthy dieting. Quit smoking, drink water, avoid sweeteners, use medical mouthwash etc.

Health and Wellness: Fitness regime – jogging, home exercises, non-alcoholic mouthwash etc.

Prime: Ice cream is the #13 food to avoid like a plague, find out the other 24 foods to avoid like a plague.

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