#13 Potato Facts: 25 Nutrition Tips of All Time

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Plant-based foods will never harm your health.


Potatoes are generally the most popular vegetable in the US, UK, Canada, Asia, and rest of the world. If you did not eat a potato before, then something must be wrong somewhere.


Based on a statistical survey by Yelp University (1999), accompanied with a consumer report by University of Missouri, potato farmlands are reported more popular than lettuce and onions. Ranking places a big role in essential foods.


White potato is the most organic plant among its rivals especially processed potatoes and unnatural ones.


#13 Potato Facts: 25 Nutrition Tips of All Time

Potatoes taste delicious, isn’t it?

credits – unsplash.com


Today’s healthy quote, “A farmland product might be way smaller than an unnatural source, but the quality of food is way better. Nutrition always derive from organic sources. Bear in mind!”


Households buy potatoes in bulk purchases. Some cooked their potatoes with recipe dishes. Others liked to baked potatoes for direct consumption. Whatever the methods of whipping up a delicious meal, you have to prepare them in a healthy manner. That’s the reason why most Americans love to eat this oval!


A potato offers an excellent source of energy. Energy comes in the form of carbohydrate. It too packs a nutritional punch! Here’s 5 quick facts on potatoes that improve your life.


Fact #1 Nutritional values: Vitamin C, fiber, carbs, and potassium

An orange contains an excellent source of Vitamin C. Resembling oranges, potatoes too contain a great deal of Vit C nutrients.


A medium size potato provides up to 45% of C vitamins, which is highly recommended by most nutritionists in the US. Potatoes also ranked good in high fiber and carbohydrates. This vegetable produces more potassium than a banana.


In short, what you expect to get after eating at least a medium potato is:

  • High in vitamin C which is good for health
  • High in fiber content for digestion
  • High in carbohydrates for energy
  • Good in potassium nutrients

If this sounds good to you, then potato is the best choice of healthy eating. It can be consumed at home, on-the-go, travelling, or at work – locations will not limit the consumption of potatoes.


However, too much potatoes can cause an indigestion to the body. You realized this early during the days of baked potatoes and mashed potatoes. Tummy hurts because of its high fiber which cannot be easily digested in the stomach. Avoid consuming more than 3 big potatoes for your daily diet.


Fact #2 Good for health: low in calories, no trans-fat, sodium, or cholesterol

Eating processed foods is the sure-fire way to getting calories, trans-fats, sodium, and increase in cholesterol. So, why not look into potatoes as an alternative to such ready-made foods?


A potato is an organic product. Organic products naturally contain lower calories, no fat, sodium, or cholesterol. Not to mention that it tastes good in comparison to manufactured consumer goods.


The skins of potatoes offer a dose of healthy fiber, iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, and Vitamin Bs. These nutrients provide values to help the body regenerate and recovery quickly.


In short, what you expect to get after eating an organic potato is:

  • Low in calories good for daily activities
  • No fats won’t make you grow sideward
  • No sodium protects against blood vessel blockage
  • No bad cholesterol lowers the risk of heart diseases
  • B vitamins are but an excellent choice of nutrients
  • Fiber helps to clear digestive systems
  • Iron helps to boost blood cells immunity
  • Potassium helps to speed up recovery
  • Calcium makes your bones stronger
  • Zinc combats bacteria and virus infections
  • Phosphorous and other vitamins

If this sounds to good to be true, then potato is your choice of meal right away!


You can (actually) mixed potatoes into your dietary plans too. Cut them up into smaller pieces, place the slices of potato into a soup or a salad. Just avoid dressing them up with commercial salad dressings. A touch of olive oil can build up the taste too.


Fact #3 Preparation of potatoes: boil, steam, roast, or freeze

Potatoes could be prepared using a variety of ways. Households often used more than one method in enhancing their secret recipes.


The first way is to boil the potatoes. A medium size potato, without the need to slice, can be placed into a heat-resistant bowl. Add hot water into the bowl, wait for the bubbling process, and you’re good to go.


Alternatively, you can make steamed potatoes using a pressure cooker. Potato skins are good in conducting heat where the food can be cooked without damaging any parts – aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.


Similarly, you may roast these potatoes too. A roasted potato looks good, smells good, and certainly tastes good. Many American households like to eat either baked or roasted potatoes.


In short, how you’re going to prepare your potato is through:

  • Boiling near the boiling point (+/- 100 degrees)
  • Steaming in a hotpot or pressure cooker
  • Roasting using a barbecue pit

If this sounds good to you, you may toss some seasoning to enhance the taste further. Avoid dipping into unhealthy sauces like barbecue sauce, mayonnaise, or any creamy bases.


Remember to prevent putting them into the refrigerator. A potato refrigerated tends to convert starch into sugar, darken in color, and becomes unhealthy when cooked. Freezing a potato will cause it to turn dark too. Do not do these things in order to sustain eating healthy.


Fact #4 Storing potatoes: cool temperature and dark places

Have you ever seen potatoes coming in big sacks? Yes, these oval-shape foods cannot be exposed under much sunlight. It has to be kept underground similar to its organic growth.


When you store potatoes, using a storage space, keep them in a dark place, under a cool temperature. It is because dark atmosphere won’t receive much sunlight. Any light or the sun causes potatoes to turn green in color.


The best place for potato storage is the underground basement. You may cover them in nets, huge sacks, or using mats as covers. It’s fine to store potatoes inside the kitchen, just keep them closed.


In short, how you’re going to store your potato is:

  • Store undergrounds or basements
  • Keep inside the kitchen cabinets
  • Cover with rags or sacks

Once the potatoes turned green, discoloration occurs, you can no longer store them anymore. It is time to throw them away. Avoid potential repercussions by keeping them in a cool, dry place.


Storing potatoes is not a difficult thing to do. You may initially be thinking of where to keep them safe, no? Start from using mats, rags, or sacks. Gradually shift to buying safety nets and finally keeping under the kitchen cabinets or right under the sink!


Fact #5 Original taste of potatoes: mashed, baked, or roasted

Now, you’re aware that potatoes bring more nutritional values than other organic compounds. It is time to focus on the taste, how to enhance taste, and ways to avoid eating unhealthily.


Mashed potatoes are frequently known as an unhealthy diet. Why is this so? Many people, especially Americans, liked to pour loads of chicken soup and creams into them. Such an activity not only disturbs the good bacteria, but also introducing highly processed chemicals into the planned diet. Keep it original!


Baked potatoes are often touted as the healthier choice. Is that really so? Again, cafeterias and restaurants served them with dipping sauces. Avoid the dips to get the full nutritional benefits!


Roasted potatoes are not so equally qualified as healthy eating. Wrong! Potatoes that are roasted can be consumed after removing the skins, cutting out the burned parts, and directly consuming it organically!


In short, what you expect to receive the potatoes is:

  • A mashed potato without any creamy bases
  • A baked potato without any dipping sauces
  • A roasted potato without the skin or burnt parts

Given, they serve many different tasty foods, integrate into recipes, and provide our bodies with plenty of healthful benefits. We eat potatoes in different forms, French fries, wedges, organic, and many others.


You may load potatoes up in the supermarkets, local stores, grocery chains, or nearby markets. Some even grow potatoes on their own! Whether you purchased them during grocery shopping, grow them on your own, or received as gifts from neighbors, the potato will make your lifestyle better, healthier, and more energetic.


Healthily written, prettily disseminated …

Never dip your potatoes in any sauce drips. It’s okay to slice them into pieces, boil with other mixes, or turned into a potato juice. Remember to buy organic ones that originated from farms. Homegrown potatoes can ideally be consumed after a thorough cleaning.


All individuals should also try to keep fit, stay active, and strive for a well-balanced diet proportionate to their age groups. Staying healthy fetches health benefits of disease immunity, regenerative powers, or simply responding to money matters.


Proper care and the right nutrients serve as deterrence to bacterial infections and harmful virus attacks.


Ancient quote: Your health is your wealth. When you search high/low for healthy food choices, these 4 brilliant ideas will ensure safe consumption, a healthier choice, and amazing health benefits. Make an informed decision to always read the nutrition label or information regarding the food.


Eat fruits and vegetables do improve your health immunity system. These products don’t cost you an arm or leg.


Practice food science in delivering quality foods to the digestive system – high vitamins, protein, water content, and other health benefits to the body.



Best Practices: Meal preparation style – Steaming, boiling, cooking, microwaving, heating etc.

Dental Tip: Visit your dentist every 2-3 months: check for cavities, tooth infections, gum diseases, chronic health problems etc.

Hygiene Notice: Practice oral treatments on a daily basis – quit smoking, avoid sweeteners, use medical mouthwash etc.

Fitness regime: Slow jog, long-distance walk, gym exercises, home workouts etc.

Prime: 5 facts of potatoes offer you a healthy carb diet – know the pros and cons of your potatoes.

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