#14 Candy Bars: 20 Foods That Are Bad For Health

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Candy bar is nothing more than a sugary food.


Most candies contain almost no essential nutrients, loaded with sugar, and increase your daily calorie count.


Organic candy bars also won’t bring any quality health benefits.



Candy bars are incredibly unhealthy.


They’re very high in sugar, refined wheat flour, and processed fats while also low in essential nutrients.


What’s more, these treats will leave you very hungry because of the way that your body metabolizes these sugar contents.


To munch one chocolate bar a day, as a heart healthy diet to your heart, studies prove that risk of stroke reduce by 23 per cent – a sweet treat trims the risk of atrial fibrillation – one of major concerns of strokes according to (29). Really?


#14 Candy Bars: 20 Foods That Are Bad for Health - Healthaon

Just one more chocolate candy, please?

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Today’s healthy quote, “Sugar is a terrible commodity. To make things worse, sugar with any other recipes create a deadly combo. Never consume anything made out of sugary substances!”



In fact, what you received is actually a bad mixed of artificial ingredients with chemicals that contain high sugar levels, coloring, food dyes, preservatives, to form the non-nutritious candy bars.


Protein bars worked the same as candy bars. The amount of sugar content is about twice as much as the latter, and yields about more than a third of what is known as unhealthy saturated fats based on (33)



Saturated fats play a vital role in development of high cholesterol, says Medline Plus. High cholesterol may lead to high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.


Critics of artificially made bars especially sweets and candies revealed that these products cause a variety of health problems. Back in 1970s, artificial sweetener contains saccharin link to bladder cancer in laboratory rats based on (41).


A research shows that sweet stuff made the body have a surge in blood sugar levels that pose as a risk for heart disease, trigger cancerous cells, influence type II diabetes, kidney failure, or even liver cirrhosis based on (456).


For those who have diabetes or allergic to bars, a full size candy bar exacerbated major health illnesses according to (32).


Another survey reveals candies having positive benefits to the human body. Active ingredients inside the candy bars like nuts or seeds provide protein to the body, but are discounted based on nutrition needs and glycemic index values of above 54, well above the norm (31).



To make a healthful choice, only eat fruit or a piece of quality dark chocolate instead.


Dark chocolate is not a health food. Original dark chocolate makes the best decision as a health food – just a square of dark chocolate suffice – antioxidants in the cocoa commodity boosts heart protection.


In reality, there’s no actual benefits to consume any of these foods. Added sugar, fat content, anything described within food labels demonstrate lack of empirical evidence, questioning the factual claims on their negative health effects based on (30).


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Healthily written, prettily disseminated …

Avoid candy bars, chocolate bars, or protein bars.


Daily allotment of saturated fats can be met when you eat a combination of foods containing saturated fat, such as dairy products, meat, and certain oils. Any add-on like candy bars will breach the limits.


These ingredients influence tooth cavities and decays, halitosis, bad cholesterol, unhealthy fats, and even blood sugar rush according to (456).


To splurge on calories, fat, or sugar, the healthiest food is fruits. Get a mixture of heart healthy fruits such as apples, oranges, bananas, kiwis, cantaloupes, or nuts and seeds.


Better still if you could completely forgo the candies industry as a whole.



Tip: See your doctor. Once every 1-3 months: check for potential glucose spikes, healthy cholesterol levels, gum diseases, tooth cavities and decays, chronic health problems etc.

Notice: Go for healthy dieting. Quit smoking, drink water, avoid sweeteners, use medical mouthwash etc.

Health and Wellness: Fitness regime – jogging, home exercises, non-alcoholic mouthwash etc.

Prime: Candy bar is the #14 food to avoid like a plague, find out the other 24 foods to avoid like a plague.

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