#17 Fast Foods: 20 Foods That Are Bad For Health

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Fast foods serve edible consumables of almost no value.


Most people like to eat fast foods because of the affordable pricing, premium branding, and convenience.


Nowadays, fast food outlets do provide better food nutrition values such as offering salads, low-calorie burgers, and other healthier options. 



Bad news! Most fast food chains serve junk food.


Everyone seems to know about it. Almost all of their offerings are mass-produced, low in cost, above average price, and none in nutrients except calories.


Despite their lower prices, fast foods may contribute to potential risk of disease and harm your general wellness. You should especially watch out for deep-fried items.


#17 Fast Foods: 200 Foods That Are Bad For Health - Healthaon

Is fast food meals really edible??

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Today’s healthy quote, “Do you know why industry experts coined the term junk food? Probably you catch the drift as to why junkies existed as well!”.



Fast food tastes good, affordable restaurant style, casual dining, and offers convenience to families. Why fast foods taste so good?


Artificial ingredients, accompanied by salt, are strongly added into the meals. These bring out the great taste and flavors to the mouth.


To make fast foods more palatable, the fast-food companies also seek permission from the U.S Federal-Drug-Authority (FDA) to use chemically induced substances (i.e. GMOs) to enhance the outlook of the dishes.



It works the same as processed food where chemicals will slowly kill you – trans-fat, mono-sodium, potassium nitrates, additives, preservatives, approved food dyes and finally salt – an ultimatum to a wide range of health problems.


Toxic ingredients are mainly aspartame, neotame, acesulfame potassium etc. Calories induced lead to risk of diabetes, high-blood pressure, heart disease, and metabolic syndrome according to (456).


Fast food can affect your risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, mood disorders, weight gain, metabolic disorders, etc. according to (11). So at least try to cut down on fast food.



Fret not, as a result of mounting pressure, most fast-food chains began offering healthy options including healthier choice labels.


The best alternative is to build your very own fast-food meals. You can simply make your personal burger and give it a nice name. Add natural honey (i.e. agave nectar) into the mix.


Replace the processed meats with boiled chicken (without skins). A little seasoning like black pepper or spice to beef up the taste.


Don’t forget to add vegetables with a few drips of olive oil. Some tomatoes and lettuces bring healthful benefits and cost nothing to the wallet.


Food alerts

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Healthily written, prettily disseminated …

Fast-food chains are out there to make money. These companies legally handled over the food at almost no risk to their reputation.


Unless you’re really short of time, what you could do is to lower the intakes of eating fast foods. Risk of carcinogenetic products can cause severe health problems such as heart diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, commonly known cancers, mood disorders, metabolic issues and many more based on (181920).


Better if you could completely give up on fast-food supplies and prepare your own meals for a healthier diet.



Tip: See your doctor. Once every 1-3 months: check for potential glucose spikes, healthy cholesterol levels, gum diseases, tooth cavities and decays, chronic health problems etc.

Notice: Go for healthy dieting. Quit smoking, drink water, avoid sweeteners, use medical mouthwash etc.

Health and Wellness: Fitness regime – jogging, home exercises, non-alcoholic mouthwash etc.

Prime: Fast food is the #17 food to avoid like a plague, find out the other 24 foods to avoid like a plague.

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