Verena W. Anderson

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Food Nutritionist - Health and Wellness Institute - Health information and nutrition advices you can trust.

Hello everyone, my name is Verena. Welcome to my personal food nutrition and wellness blog. I launched this personal nutrition blog with the aim of reaching out to people who wanted to be health-conscious, facing medical conditions, undergoing chronic health problems, and other minor body adjustments.


My team comprises of Bosch, Le Miu, and me. The trio works out perfectly in the sense that we create high-quality articles with the perspective of patients, social communities, and third-party point of view.


In healthy year 2020, our goal is to outreach to more than 11 million people across the globe. And to influence those who have yet to start an amazing journey to personal well-being. We looked forward to seeing you, sharing with you information, and returning back to our website.


Thanks for being here,
On behalf of The Healthaon Team,
Verena Anderson

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